Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers

Even if you are not using cigarettes, smoking marijuana will still mark you as a smoker when it comes to Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers.

Why Smoking Affects My Premium?

Life Insurance for Marijuana SmokersSmoking is considered to be a very bad habit that affects your health and harms almost every organ in your body. It can cause many serious medical problems, which can even lead to a lung cancer and very serious heart and breathing problems. Therefore, it doesn’t come as surprise that life insurance company you choose will care whether you smoke or not.

You could say that it is very hard to find affordable life insurance for smokers. If you are honest on your application, you will be marked as a smoker and it could be a very long road to remove that tag. If you lie, you will get caught soon enough and your policy will be canceled. The best way would be for you to be honest, or to pass life insurance nicotine test which you can if you stop smoking.

Marijuana in Insurer’s Eyes

Marijuana smoking makes no difference in insurers eyes. Almost all insurance companies will mark you as smoker if you are marijuana user. It usually means that you will be treated as any other smoker, even if you don’t consume cigarettes. However, don’t lose hope as there are companies that will not underwrite your bad habit as serious as others may.

In the past, life insurance coverage was automatically denied to all marijuana users. When insurers found out that they were dealing with marijuana consumers, they didn’t want to offer any protection to them. When being caught in lie after medical tests (that revealed marijuana use) it usually meant that policy will be automatically declined.

Today, there is a big difference as life insurance landscape has changed. The life insurance industry has lightened up on marijuana use over the past two decades, but there are still many companies that will offer expensive premiums to marijuana users. Nowadays, they are offered certain life insurance for marijuana smokers policies, usually the ones similar to cigarette smokers, which is not always promising.

Depending on the country you live in, there may be a small amount of companies that have decided to treat marijuana users as non-smokers (great news for citizens of Canada). In some cases, even the long-standing policies have been reversed, and users of marijuana that were marked as “high-risk” customers are put on an equal level with cigar smokers or non-smokers.

Does Smoking Marijuana Makes My Life Insurance Policy Unaffordable?

If you are smoking marijuana it doesn’t mean that your life insurance policy will be declined. However, it may limit your options.

If we are talking about life insurance companies that will see your bad habit as serious as smoking cigarettes, then you will have to know that your premium will be higher than for a non-smoker. However, in many situations this will not make your premium jump to the roof if you only have bad habits.

If on the other hand your health is poor, or you have diseases that are not common in your age, if you have an illness but you are not treating it accordingly, and on top of you have a bad habit, you will be automatically declined for any traditional life insurance.

Therefore, if you happen to have a lifestyle that is a mix of many situations that insurer will find as high risk, there is a big chance that traditional life insurance will be out of your reach.

If you happen to have bad habits “only”, there is a chance for you to find affordable life insurance for marijuana smokers.

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