Life Insurance Nicotine Test

When you are looking for life insurance, no matter which traditional policy you choose there is a big chance that insurer will put you through a medical exam. There is a big possibility that one of them is a life insurance nicotine test, in case they want to check if you were honest about smoking on your application form.

What is Life Insurance Nicotine Test and Why It’s so Important?

life insurance nicotine testSmoking doesn’t go well with life insurance. It is not only a bad habit, but it affects your overall health as well, and harms almost every organ in your body. Smoking can cause many diseases such as bronchitis, serious heart problems or even a lung cancer.

When you are buying life insurance, insurance company you choose will care if you smoke, as it can affect your overall health and eventually make your life shorter. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as surprise that life insurance nicotine test is very important in order for you to qualify for traditional life insurance.

This test will show if you are a smoker or not which will help your insurer to proceed with underwriting accordingly. If you are a smoker and you need life insurance, you have to know that there is a big possibility that your premium is going to be higher. After being marked as a smoker it can be a long road to remove that tag. The best way is to pass life insurance nicotine test, or you may not be able to find cheap life insurance policy.

Do All Life Insurance Companies Ask for Nicotine Test?

The answer is yes. When it comes to traditional life insurance, almost every insurance company will ask for this test in order to check if you are using nicotine products or not. There are many hospital and clinics where you can take this medical exam. It is an accurate way of measuring the level of the nicotine in your system. Some of the tests can detect even minute quantities for up to the time when you used tobacco products for the last time, like hair test.

Types of Life Insurance Tobacco Test

There are few types of life insurance nicotine test but not all of them are used that often. Some of them are more accurate (such as hair nicotine test) but very expensive. Therefore, they are rarely performed.

Others are more common (like saliva test) and show the level of nicotine in your system as well. However, saliva test is considered to be more sensitive which may bring false positive in some cases.

Sometimes the urine test is performed in order to check the positive saliva test. The most common medical exam is urine test. It is not expensive and it’s very reliable. We should also mention a blood test, which is not really used in cases of life insurance policies.

Can I Pass Nicotine Test If I’m a Smoker?

If you are a cigarette smoker and you want to pass the test you will have to be ready to quit smoking for some time. It depends which type of test is used but ideally you should not smoke at least one month before taking the test.

Saliva and urine test, which are more common in these situations, will not be able to detect nicotine level in your system after couple of weeks, but why would you risk it? Nicotine will be out of your system faster if you drink more water and take more vitamins. However, you can never be sure.

For cigar smokers, the story is little bit different as it cannot be detected as easily as cigarettes. Same goes for marijuana smokers. However, you should think about quitting if you want to get affordable life insurance policy.

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