Applying for a life insurance for seniors over 90 is one of the wisest steps you can ever think of. Actually, when your parents or loved ones attain the age of 90 plus, they become more vulnerable to small illnesses which can lead to death. Unlike young people, most seniors over 90 are considered be near expiry and in most cases, you’ll find that they do take regular medication to boost their immunity/energy levels while still fighting various illnesses.

Life insurance over 90 is not only challenging, but it’s also very expensive to acquire. This type of insurance cover offers a vast range of benefits to families among them being catering for burial expenses. With the average cost of arranging burials being extremely high these days, this type of life insurance cover caters for all the bills and leaves the family with something small to accomplish other needs.

Is it hard to find life insurance at 90?

life insurance for seniors over 90Finding a life insurance cover at 90 is somewhat difficult considering the health complications of most senior people. Luckily, most insurance companies have opted to provide credible insurance cover to seniors with affordable premium rates. However, for you to qualify for any insurance policy plan, such companies must take a comprehensive overview of your health and fitness status to ensure that you’re not suffering from any major diseases which may cause sudden death.

Did you know that premiums fluctuate depending on your health status? Well, this is very certain. The younger a person is, the cheaper the policy price will become. This actually means that seniors over 90 will have to pay more for weekly, monthly or annual premiums depending on the status of their health at the time of application.

Why consider life insurance at 90?

There are immense benefits that elderly people can take advantage of when considering life insurance at 90. Unlike young people, seniors over 90 have limited living expenses due to their poor health or fitness conditions. During this stage of life, senior people live a simple and less fancy lifestyle as they wait for their natural death.

Now, the reason why life insurance cover is essential at this stage is to ensure that all your funeral bills, as well as any other expenses (such as personal loans or mortgage), are catered for at the event of death. In most cases, seniors are totally neglected by their grown up children or family members due to career commitments. There are other seniors who don’t even get any financial help from their loved ones. Such people usually prefer applying for policy over 90 to cater for their funeral, loans and mortgage expenses (if any) at the time of their deaths without having to pressure their families. To avoid spending much on health insurance cover, seniors should look out for policies with the lowest rates.

Benefits of Life Insurance for Seniors Over 90

The main reason why seniors go for life insurance cover is to gather enough money that will be used by their family members to cater for all the funeral expenses at the event of death. Nowadays, the overall cost of preparing for a funeral is very expensive. While no one can be certain to predict the event of the death of their seniors, it always becomes a hectic, expensive and time-consuming process to cater for your senior’s funeral cost and other bills that might be withstanding. The other benefits of searching for a perfect life insurance cover include;

Taking care of additional expenses

This benefit mostly favors those seniors who manage to get cover early enough before their health deteriorates. As you all know, seniors over 90 are unlikely to have any source of income. Due to this reason, most policies allow them to borrow money from the accumulated benefits to use for their own personal needs. However, before making any move, it’s wise to first discuss this with a professional broker to understand the terms and conditions.

Reduces stress

Just like we mentioned above, most seniors over 90 can no longer earn. Therefore, with a proper life insurance cover, seniors will definitely smile and lower depression when they think of the progress they’ve achieved so far when attaining a proper life insurance policy.

Policies Available at this Age

When searching for the best policy over 90, you need to seek help from professional life insurance brokers or agents like us to get the most affordable policy. Purchasing the best insurance policy for seniors comes with vast benefits such as covering the complete cost of funeral arrangements. There are different types of policies available depending on the demand and purpose of purchasing the policy. To ensure that you get the best policy without having to underestimate or overestimate the cost, you need to consult a financial advisor first to avoid making a desperate move.

As you age, chances of getting a cheap life insurance cover lower. Also, it becomes very difficult to find an insurance company that offers seniors whole life insurance at ages above 90. Although this type of insurance cover is considered to be very expensive, through proper research and information, one can easily purchase life insurance without much hassle.

Although there are different insurance covers for seniors, the best policy that will give you the best value in case of death or any uncertainty is whole life insurance. Though expensive, whole life insurance policy pays for all the debts and funeral arrangements at the event of a death of the insured.

In case your health condition is a major concern, you may opt to choose a No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy which is considered to be costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, the insurance provider may grade this policy for a certain time period which is usually two years or more. In case the insured person dies before the policy maturity period, then his/her beneficiaries or family will not receive any death compensation/benefit but will only receive premiums with an additional 10% interest.


As I conclude, let me mention that your family’s success in the future is highly dependable on the choices you make today. Although it’s quite difficult to get a reliable insurance cover at this age, it’s certain that once you get one, your family members will have something to benefit from in the future apart from the obvious benefit of covering funeral arrangements. To ensure that you get the best policies, research or inquiries for multiple quotes online to compare them before making an informed decision.

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